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António Zambujo
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António Zambujo was born in Beja in September 1975. He grew up listening to the “Cante Alentejano” that would later influence his musical education.

At the age of eight he began studying the clarinet at the Baixo Alentejo Regional Conservatory. However, from a very young age he fell in love with fado. His references were Amália Rodrigues, Maria Teresa de Noronha, Alfredo Marceneiro, João Ferreira Rosa, Max and others. He usually sang in the company of his family and friends and at the age of 16 won a local fado contest.

Having completed his clarinet studies he moved to Lisbon. Mário Pacheco, the well-known Portuguese guitar player and composer, immediately added him to his cast at the prestigious Clube do Fado in the quarter of Alfama.

Soon after he auditioned for the musical "Amália", directed by Filipe La Féria, one of Portugal’s foremost stage directors. Zambujo played the part of Francisco Cruz, Amália’s first husband. The show ran for four years in Lisbon and then toured the country. With this role Zambujo became a favourite of the public whilst acquiring great experience and discipline.

He produced his first CD, "O mesmo fado", with marked musical influences of Alentejo. Zambujo himself composed some of the fados and sang others written by well-known poets in the fado world such as José Luís Gordo and Mário Rainho.

That same year the great success of "O mesmo fado" won him the prize of “Best new fado voice” from Radio Nova FM, previously attributed to singers such as Mariza, Camané or Mafalda Arnauth.

António Zambujo sang at Sr. Vinho fado house. In addition to concerts in Portugal he toured aboard regularly: Toronto, Paris, Santander, Sarajevo, Zagreb.

He published his second album “Por meu cante", plunging deeper into his Alentejo roots, taking up old songs from his native region and blending them with the new tendencies in fado. In this work he was accompanied by the musicians Paulo Parreira (Portuguese guitar) and Ricardo Cruz (double bass).


Awarded the Amália Rodrigues Prize (attributed by the Amália Rodrigues Foundation) in the category of "Best male fado singer".

Invited by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation to the Atlantic Waves Festival in London. That same year he took part with Carla Pires and Liana in Festa do Avante, in the tribute to the composer Alain Oulman, who wrote many of the greatest successes sung by Amália Rodrigues.

He was invited to close the "Festa do Fado" at Castelo São Jorge, with Luís Represas as his guest.

In September he launched his third album "Outro Sentido", produced by Ricardo Cruz and with the special participation of “Angelite - The Bulgarian Voices”. In "Outro Sentido" António Zambujo sings and feels the fado in his own special way and highlights new directions for his music.

"Outro Sentido" was also launched in Europe and the United States by the prestigious company Harmonia Mundi, under its affiliated label ‘World Village'. Zambujo continued to tour Europe.

The magazine Songlines considers "Outro sentido” “Top of the World Album".
Having performed in Paris at the Théatre de La Ville, "Outro Sentido" rises to third place in sales at Fnac in Paris.

For its Annual Prize-giving Gala at the Casino Estoril in October the Luso-Brazilian Foundation proposed that Zambujo sing a duet with Roberta Sá.

MPB produced "Outro Sentido" in Brazil. The Brazilian edition has three additional tracks with the participation of Roberta Sá and Trio Madeira Brasil, Zé Renato and Ivan Lins.

João Gil, composer and musician, invited Zambujo to sing on his latest album on the track "Apenas uma boca, a tua boca", a sonnet by David Mourão Ferreira.

In October the renowned Caetano Veloso paid tribute to Zambujo in his blog, in which he praises the young singer. In his post Caetano says: "I want to hear more and more often, go deeper (...) His music thrills and makes me cry."

In December António Zambujo sang to packed audiences at São Luiz Theatre in the Jardim de Inverno. These were two memorable concerts with many standing ovations.

António Zambujo continued to tour through Europe with “Outro Sentido", singing in Norway, Sweden, France, Holland and Austria.

In March and April Zambujo performed a number of concerts in Portugal and in May presented his re-edition of "Outro Sentido".

In June he began a tour of Brazil when he launched this album.
In Pirenópolis (100 km from Brasilia) Zambujo gave his first concert in Brazil at the local theatre during the presentation of Portuguese Culture Week promoted by Instituto Camões.

He performed at Espaço Tom Jobim in Rio de Janeiro with the special guest appearances of Roberta Sá, Marcelo Gonçalves, Ronaldo do Bandolim and Yamandú Costa.

This year’s Delta Tejo will include Vanessa da Mata who invited António Zambujo and Ricardo Cruz, Zambujo’s double bass player and musical director, to join her on stage for two songs.

Zambujo was present at Cool Jazz Fest 09, in a show that also included Ivan Lins. In the summer of 2009 he sang for the first time in Casa da Música in the Festival “Uma Casa Portuguesa”.

António Zambujo performed on stage at Parque Mayer during the summer programme “Lisboa ao Parque”, with Luis Guerreiro on Portuguese guitar, José Conde on clarinet and Ricardo Cruz on the double bass.
In September Zambujo again went on tour round Europe, which included Finland this time, for a further four performances. At the beginning of October he made a second tour of France giving performances in Montélimar and La Rochelle and two concerts in Paris at the Sun Set and L´Européen.

In November he began a second tour of Brazil. This time he performed at Palácio de São Clemente at the invitation of the Luso-Brazilian Commercial Association, followed by shows at the Bourbon Street Music Club in São Paulo and at Teatro Rival in Rio de Janeiro.

Zambujo was on the list of the 10 Best International Concerts of the Year, selected by the Cultural Section of the newspaper O GLOBO, in the company of musicians such as Elton John, Burt Bacharach, Terence Blanchard (trumpeter), Kiss, Youssou N'Dour and Angelique Kidjo.

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