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Marta Pereira da Costa is the world’s first and only professional Portuguese Guitar female player in Fado.

Marta Pereira da Costa started playing piano at the age of 4. After completing the music course, at the age of 18, she started playing the Portuguese Guitar through the hand of Carlos Gonçalves, one of the most important Amália Rodrigues guitarists. She than began to frequent the famous fado house “Clube de Fado”, in Lisbon, where she learned from masters like Mário Pacheco and Fontes Rocha and accompanied several famous singers that frequented the venue.

Marta had the opportunity to play with names like Mariza, Camané and Carlos do Carmo in several occasions. She became a member of Mario Pacheco’s musical group, having participated in many concerts in Portugal and abroad, mainly after the recording of his album “Clube de Fado – a Música e a Guitarra”, acclaimed by Songlines magazine as the best of World Music in 2005. She participated in Jaime Roldán’s CD “Unidad de Canciones Intensivas”, in the theme “Pasa”. In 2008 she played as a soloist in the theme Mãe” from her ex-husband’s (Rodrigo Costa Félix) first solo CD “Fados d’Alma”. Marta recorded the Portuguese Guitar for Rodrigo’s second CD, “Fados de Amor”, released in May 2012. This is the first album in the history of Fado where the Portuguese Guitar is solely played by a woman.

2012 was also the year that Marta decided to abandon her work as a civil engineer and dedicate herself exclusively to music. In March she gave her first concert as a soloist in Toronto, where she returned one year later. Then, in June, she performed at the Portuguese Embassy in Ljubljana (Slovenia), where she returned in October, together with Rodrigo for the Festival “Days of Lusophony”. Later, also in June, included in the program of the “Festas de Lisboa”, she presented her first self-titled performance in Lisbon, where she had special guests like Katia Guerreiro, Marco Rodrigues, Adriana and Rodrigo Costa Félix. This concert was a huge success, widely appreciated and vibrantly applauded by hundreds of spectators. In the same month, she performed in Madrid at Teatros del Canal for the II Fado Festival in a concert directed by her husband called “Casa de Fados - Uma Noite em Lisboa” and will return this year as a special guest for star guitarist José Manuel Neto. Then, in July, she and Rodrigo performed together at a fully booked CCB (Centro Cultural de Belém) for the debut concert of the tour “Fados de Amor”, which will travel the country, having already staged in Oporto, Aveiro, Minho and Estoril.

In 2013 she performed at a TEDx event in Oporto, composed the main theme for Ana Rocha’s short film “Minha Alma” and did the whole soundtrack for this director’s second film, “No Mar”, alongside pianist and composer Rui Gonçalves.

In 2014, the Boa Nova Auditorium, in Estoril, Figueira da Foz Casino and Casa da Música, sold out. Highlight to the trips to Switzerland, Israel (Felicja Blumental Festival) for 3 concerts that would repeat in 2015, and to Romania (Sala Radio in Bucharest). In parallel to the concerts, she embraces the project "Brincar aos Fados", recording the Portuguese guitar.

In 2015, the “A Guitarra Portuguesa e o Fado” cycle started with a sold-out room at CCB and presented her solo concert at Teatro Lethes, in Faro, as well as at the Festival Musiques Rares, in Macôn (France).

At the end of this year she finishes the recordings of her first solo album, where she presents some of her own compositions, pays tribute to her musical references and transports the Portuguese Guitar on a journey through other influences and records, with guests of national and international renown. The album would be released by Warner Music in May 2016, receiving the best reviews from the press.

In 2016, her talent draws the attention of Dulce Pontes, who invites her to be part of her band, traveling all over the world on tour, through venues like Palau de La Musica (Barcelona), Teatro Nuevo Apolo (Madrid), Teatro La Fenice (Venice), Holland, France and many other Festivals.

In parallel with this tour, she continues her own concerts during the year 2017 playing in sites such as the Teatro Lethes (Faro) or the Auditorium Carlos Paredes in Lisbon, as well as at the Almeirim Guitar Festival and in Oeiras in the cycle "Soam as Guitarras".

In May, she produced her first major concert since the edition of the disc, bringing together all the musicians who had participated in the disc on stage, and sold out the Teatro Tivoli BBVA (Lisbon), in what was her first production with her own signature, which confirms, both by the public and critics, Marta Pereira da Costa as a recognized name in the universe of Fado, but also outside of it.

In the second half of the year, she is invited to play in public and private events, including the private concert at Casa Mateus (Vila Real) for Iberdrola and the public concert at Igreja da Misericórdia, in Tavira, inserted in the 1st edition of the Festival of Mediterranean Diet. She also participates as a guest in concerts by other artists. At the end of the year in November she was the name chosen by the Presidency of the Republic to play at the private reception ceremony for the President of Colombia that took place at the Ajuda Palace.

In 2018, Marte Pereira da Costa added more than 30 dates, with concerts in Portugal, Morocco, Italy, Spain and Canada, sharing the stage with guests of great reputation - Rui Veloso, Tito Paris, Dany Silva, Edu Miranda and Ricardo Mendes. The participation in 3 national festivals stands out: Avante, Santa Casa Alfama and NOS Alive, and internationally, with performances at the Cordoba Guitar Festival and the Brass in Jazz Festival.

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